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Rin newest member? (Part 2)

        Lucy stared in shock, amazement, and walk toward the door. She opened the door, "let's go Rin." Rin nodded and walk toward Lucy. Lucy walked out with Rin fallowing her. They walked to the fairy tail guild, Once Rin entered, everyone, but Lucy froze in mid sentence, punch, attack, and looked at Rin. The master of the guild, Makarov, was also looking and gasp.
    He walked over to Rin while asking, "Are you Rin the key spirit mage?" Rin nodded in reply and he nodded. He blinked then nodded. "Lucy why did you bring her here?"
    "To see if we can help her out," Lucy answered. "Why do you ask?"
    "Okay. Since Rin is hear let me explain," Makarov said. "She from a legend that says, A girl who was born the day the earth was born, baring the first magic, she taught everyone how to do any type of magic, she then was lost in a cave, no one could find her. She was put to a deep slumber only to be awaken for those who know the legend or when she awakens at someones door step. Then she will make sure the person who finds her will be safe even if it costs her life."
    Rin nodded while listening to Makarov, "H-he's correct..." She said shyly. Lucy looked at her in amazement.
    "So, Rin your here to keep me safe?" Lucy asked, but she wasn't afraid, she was kind of happy. Rin nodded in reply. Makarov looked at Lucy.
    "You found her on your front door?" He asked and it was Lucy's turn to nod in reply. Makarov walked away, after that, in thought.
    You happened to walk in then. You looked at the girl who stood next to Lucy. You noticed her belt had many buttons all around it. She undid one of the buttons and pulled out a key. The key looked like what Lucy's Leo key looked like. Lucy happened to look at her when she pulled out the key. The girl grab Lucy's hand and pulled her toward her. "It's no longer safe Lucy." She said not shyly this time. Lucy looked at her confused. "We need to get out of here or fight the dark guild  that is coming, Lucy." The girl looked upset when she said dark guild. "I taught people magic not for evil, but for goodness. fool." She thought to herself. The Grimoire Heart, a dark guild, walked into fairy tail then. Rin turned to face them "Immunity! Agemasu! Dai jū san gētoōpun!" Rin turned the key when it was in front of her and a cat girl appeared next to Rin. "Anata no saikyō kōgeki Akemi o shiyō" The cat girl nodded and turned to the Grimoire Heart guild. Akemi, the spirit, Ran toward them in great speed. She kicked one in the head and sent the person flying. She stopped and Looked at Rin. "That is enough., Akemi." She nodded and walked toward Rin. "Dark guild, your name is Grimoire Heart. You all are weak. I should never of taught your ancestors of magic. Now leave" She glared at the dark guild and they walked out shouting words, but no one heard what they said. Akemi disappeared and went to the spirit world again. Rin fell against Lucy, she's asleep.
   Lucy and you look at Rin, you walked over to Lucy, and offered Lucy, "I'll carry her for you, Lucy."
    "that'll be nice, ______(Y/C/N)" Lucy replied to your offer. You picked Rin up and carried her where Lucy went.You noticed that Rin didn't way much and looked every skinny.
    "Hey, Lucy, maybe she clasped because of lack of food." You told Lucy.

Part two. Must read Part one to understand what's going on.
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Psycho1957 Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2013
Next one?
Yuki1Love Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Still working on the next one. I'll try to have it done as soon as possible~!
Psycho1957 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2013
Awesome can't wait!
Yuki1Love Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I'll try to have it in 5 days~
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