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    The teacher was amazed at what Rin played. "Wow! Your great! I don't think theres much I can teach you, Rin." The violin said truthfully as Rin finished playing and looked at her. Rin sighs and looked at the teacher.
    "there has to be something you can teach me." Rin was expecting something else then what the teacher said.
    "There is something.... I'm not sure you're good enough, though." the teacher said unsure that Rin was truly ready.
    "Let's see it and you can teach me it" Rin said right away without giving time for the teacher to say more. the teacher sighs and nodded at that. The teacher went into the next room to grab the booklet that the song was in. She opened to the page, picked up her violin, and played the first part as she said each note that needed to be played. She let Rin play the first part slowly, and let Rin go faster when she needed to. Each time Rin played the song she got better and better at it. The teacher nodded. "Good, good. Your getting better. I'll show you the next section now." The teacher played the next section of the song, like before, saying each note played. "Now try it" Rin started to play the next part with many mistakes and the teacher helped her fix them. Before Rin had to go home they were both playing the two parts Rin, still making a few mistakes on the second part.  Once they finished the teacher explained "Tomorrow come back and we'll fix the few mistakes and go onto the 3rd part of the song" Rin looks at a her teacher, that hadn't quit on her, with happiness.
    "You mean you'll stay my teacher~?!" Rin excitedly asked her.
    "Yes. Also my name is Akemi. I'll be looking forward to teach you again tomorrow, Rin" Akemi cheerfully replied
    "I'll be looking forward for you to teach me as well Akemi" Rin said with excitement in her voice. "Bye~ See you tomorrow after school~!" Rin waved a goodbye and ran to her home happily that Akemi will stay her teacher. When she got home she heard her dad yelling on the phone and she yelled "I'm home from violin practice~!" 
    "Welcome back dear." Her father quickly says and then goes back to talking on the phone.
    Rin sighs and she goes to her room. She lays on her bed looking around her room that still has a bit of packed boxes. She gets up, works on finishing unpacking her boxes and placing them where they need to go in her room. When she finished putting the items away, she walks downstairs into the kitchen, and grabs some eggs to cook. She cracks the eggs, puts them in a frying pan, and starts to cook them. She waits until the eggs are done to put them on the plate and eat them. Once she finishes she looks at the clock and it reads about 8:57.
    "Oh shoot I was supposed to get the homework done~!" She runs up stairs and works on her homework she got from school. Once she finished, it was about 10. She then changed into her pajamas and went to bed.
    Her alarm woke her up just in time for her to eat breakfast and start going to school in her new clothing. She walks to school, looking down at the ground not paying attention to where she was going and she ended up bumping into the boy from yesterday, Ryo was his name!
This is part two of my story Rin's new life. The next chapter (or part)
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August 4, 2013
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