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Chapter 4; Yutaka's P.O.V.

    It's been about three months into the school year and suddenly a new girl comes to Yutaka's school and introduces herself, unlike any other person would. Yukata laughed a bit when he heard the places she lived in. Rin had token her seat and then he noticed a note being pasted to her by no other then, Ryo, the only one in school who thinks he can get any girl to fall for him. Yutaka couldn't help then not to think 'stupid gay pervert.' over and over again in his head. Once school was out and he was about to leave he saw Rin walking out of the school and said to himself hoping no one would hear him, "I wish she was mine." Someone did hear him and they grab his shoulder. Yutaka
    "She's mine, Yutaka. Do not forget that." Ryo said tightening his grip. He looked over and saw Ryo there. Again he thought 'gay pervert.'
    "Is she now? Then why did you look pissed off when you read her note? huh?" I answered hoping he would leave me alone.
    "Huh. No reason. She must be good at the Violin." Ryo dodged Yutaka's question.
    "She plays the violin? You hate that instrument" Yutaka said, as Ryo's former friend he would know that.
    "I know." Ryo openly said.
After a while of talking they go to their clubs.
    The next day, Yutaka noticed Rin didn't arrive on time. He couldn't shake the feeling that this has happened before. He had no way of knowing many years ago this all did happen.
This is all I can think of for now. I'll continue it tomorrow Promise~! I got other stories to write first though~!
la-romantica1002 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2013  Student
very good congratulations, good story :)
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Thankies so much~!
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